Self Help

We are keen to help patients improve on self help and hope that the following information will offer some insight into that.Take a look and see if you can improve your own understanding of your health and well-being! Please encourage others to look here too.

Mental Health Support for Young People

Are you feeling anxious, stressed out, or not sleeping properly? Good Thinking have produced a range of resources for young people to help boost your mental wellbeing.

Looking after your mental health

Coping with chronic pain

Common ailments that can be self managed

Here is a list of ailments that can be safely self managed. You will see that you can take a look via the hyperlink at the other websites which can offer you further information about managing your condition.

Back pain Cold sores
Common Cold Conjunctivitis
Constipation Cough
Diarrhoea Dysmenorrhoea (painful periods)
Earache Haemorrhoids
Hayfever Head lice
Headache Heartburn & Indigestion
Influenza Insect bites
Migraine Nasal congestion
Nappy rash Sore throat
Sinusitis Sprains and strains
Thrush Warts and Verrucas
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