COVID-19 Vaccinations

Get your Covid-19 vaccine today

We urge everyone aged 12 and over who has not yet had their first, second or booster vaccine to book on the national booking system (or call 119) or find a walk-in site.

Vaccination is the best protection we have against Covid-19 (including the Omicron variant), serious illness and hospitalisation.

There is comprehensive information on the over 100 vaccination sites in north east London, guidance, and answers to questions about the vaccine here.

Pregnancy and the Covid Injection

Covid-19 vaccines

We urge everyone eligible who has not yet had their first vaccine to book on the national booking system or call 119.

If you have had your first vaccine, please make sure you have your second vaccine to ensure maximum protection.

If you have specific concerns about taking the vaccine and would like to talk to a health professional please contact your GP.

There is comprehensive information, guidance, and answers to questions, including vaccination information for pregnant women, frontline health and social care staff and carers at COVID-19 Vaccination programme | East London Health & Care Partnership (

Covid-19 Vaccine Fact Check

  • You don't need to apply for it
  • You don't have to pay to receive it
  • You don't need to share bank details to confirm your identity

Demonstrating your Covid-19 vaccination status

Your General Practice is unable to offer you a certification of covid vaccination, a
vaccination passport or a letter to prove you have been vaccinated against covid-19. You can however find details of all your vaccinations on the NHS App.

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